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Small Business Owners Welcome art Earth Day Indiana Festival 

2024-04-21 – BE&O IF

The Earth Day Indiana festival is coming June 1st to Garfield Park. 

Even though Earth Day is this week, the Earth Day Indiana festival is not until early June. , says all Hoosiers can play a part in creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Indiana. “Our kids are depending on it,” he says. 

Ziesmer says there is still plenty of space for small business owners who would like to become exhibitors at the upcoming festival. But he stresses the importance that each organization Earth Day Indiana partners with needs to commit to sustainable and earth-friendly practices. 

He says it’s all about holding companies accountable and not allowing them to “greenwash” by sponsoring the event but not following through with environmentally friendly practices. One company he highlights is Subaru, which built a zero-waste manufacturing facility in Greenwood, Indiana. 

The upcoming Earth Day Indiana festival, which will feature up to 100 exhibitors and be held at Garfield Park on June 1st, will feature a variety of activities.