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Personal Trainer Helps Women Get F.I.T

2024-03-10 – BE&O SuSt

Former bodybuilder and model Renee Kelly is making it her mission to help Indianapolis women get into shape and stay healthy. 

A certified personal trainer, Kelly opened F.I.T. with Renee Studio to give women sanctuary from the everyday stresses and anxieties of life. After a career competing in bodybuilding competitions, Kelly discovered that helping women is what she enjoys doing most. “What gets me most excited is being able to help,” she says.  

Kelly says a better life is possible with proper nutrition and training. She encourages her clients to focus on their fitness and life goals, inspire each other, and ultimately watch as they transition into the person they want to become.   

At her studio, the focus is on more than just working out and building muscle. Kelly says nutrition and proper diet should always come before the first weight is lifted.  

Moving forward, Kelly wants to hire more trainers for her studio and hopes to see younger women join her fitness program.