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Small Business Owner Creates a Class Act With Transportation 

2023-11-12 – BE&O IF

When Shannon Taylor started his chauffeur business, he had one client. Almost a decade later, Class Act Transportation has shuttled sports icons and celebrities from airports to hotels, and now, Taylor is bringing his business to Indiana. 

Taylor started his career selling cars in 2013, but he knew his ultimate goal was to be an entrepreneur. After shuttling his first client, O’Jays frontman Eddie Levert, Taylor says it took some time for his business to grow. But with a focus on quality and customer service, word of mouth began to spread about his burgeoning celebrity transportation business. 

What started as a single opportunity quickly became a mission to provide client-centered transportation needs to the sports and entertainment industries. Now, Class Act transportation provides complete ground transportation services in the sports and entertainment industry.

Taylor says the key to his success was being disciplined and never giving up. This philosophy was put to the test during the years-long COVID-19 pandemic that saw the cancellation of many sports and entertainment events. 

Taylor says he spent the downtime calling and checking up on clients. Not necessarily asking for business, but just making a genuine inquiry into the health and well-being during a difficult time. Fostering these relationships paid off big time when restrictions were lifted and major sporting events were put back onto schedules. 

When asked why he decided to bring Class Act Transportation to Indiana, Taylor sees the potential for massive growth. With a steady stream of high-profile events like the 2024 NBA All-Star game and a slate of Taylor Swift concerts, Taylor says Indianapolis is a perfect fit for his business.  

When giving advice to fellow entrepreneurs, Taylor says don’t be afraid to share information with your peers and never forget to help others. “I want to continue to give back,” he says. 

Class Act Transportation is the official transportation sponsor of Circle City Broadcasting Entertainment.