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Indiana Leads the Way in Global Exports 

BEO 5-19-24 GS

As the export industry continues to grow, one local company is helping businesses take their products global. 

Andrew Reinke is the President of Foreign Targets, which creates and manages export strategies for small and medium-sized United States firms. Reinke says small businesses should be more proactive about exporting their goods outside the U.S.  

Part of the process firms go through at Foreign Targets is getting caught up on the nuances of international trade, such as proper billing procedures, legal hurdles, and more. Reinke says research is one of the most important pieces of information for the global exporting business.   

Foreign Targets also helps businesses find out exactly where their products are needed. Another feature is their ability to connect a small business with another organization to help speed up trade deals or share successful strategies.

Reinke stresses the importance of finding the right funding for your global export business and the right distributors to ensure your product’s success. 

Indiana is the 9th largest state for exports in the U.S., with more than $56 billion of exports each year. Reinke wants to see that number grow to more than $110 billion in the future. He says with enough determination and proper planning, the United States can see its exports grow from 11% GDP to 25%. “That’s where we should be,” he says.