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Strength Factory Gets Community into Shape 

BEO 5-19-24 SuSt

Clarence Walton is a personal trainer and the owner of Strength Factory in Indianapolis. 

Walton says the journey to open his personal training gym was long and included many bumps and changes in his business plan. Early on, Walton considered only offering online courses, but he says his client base showed a strong demand for in-person training sessions. “Your first business plan might not be your final business plan,” he says. 

Originally a trainer at LA Fitness, Walton was able to open the Strength Factory in 2014. With his new gym, he was able to provide his clients with personalized workout plans, nutrition advice, and a safe space to work out in a group class or one-on-one setting. 

Walton also focuses heavily on his community work throughout Central Indiana. From sessions at Indianapolis Public Schools to appearances at the Indiana Black Expo, Walton says helping your community is key to growing your business. When it comes to getting in shape, Walton says, “Fitness is a way of life.”

The Strength Factory offers weekly classes, including hyperfitness and a boot camp.