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Indianapolis Big Hit with Candy Expo 

BEO 5-19-24 TWIB

Last week, Indianapolis hosted the largest candy convention in North America.

While the event may have been closed to non-credentialed guests, Schildhaus says you can look for many of the treats highlighted at the expo to make their way to store shelves soon. She says the event is a great chance for candy manufacturers to show off new innovations and to partner with distributors and retailers.

This year’s expo featured snacks designed for multi-sensory enjoyment and others that use unique colors and shapes to catch the eyes of social media users.   

Schildhaus says sweets and snacks are a $49 billion industry, with $1.4 billion coming from Indiana. She says as the industry grows, the National Confectioners Association wants to continue to grow its presence in Indianapolis with its annual convention. Currently, the city and organization have a 10-year contract with the event also taking place in Las Vegas.