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New Animated Show to Teach Chinese Culture and Language  

BEO 5-19-24 RYB

When looking for a way to teach her son about Chinese language and culture, Sunny Lu Williams ended up creating a new animated television show.  

Sunny Lu Williams is the President and CEO of the Techserv Corporation. But after her son was born, she found herself looking for ways to share Chinese traditions and the Chinese language with her son, who was diagnosed with autism. 

After many hours of searching and watching a variety of programming with her son, Williams discovered a lack of quality programming that connected with her son. With her already busy schedule, she thought, “How am I ever going to find the time to teach him Chinese?” 

After years of thinking, Williams finally came up with the idea of creating her own show. After Indiana passed a new tax credit for production companies and filmmakers, Williams figured it was time to make her dream a reality. 

An early roadblock for Williams was the discovery of very few digital artists and animation studios in Indiana. She says upwards of 67% of digital art students leave Indiana upon graduating. 

But with the help of an animation studio in Virginia, Williams is on her way to producing Kaiban Kids. Williams hopes the new animated cartoon will teach the Chinese language to kids in a culturally relevant way.    

Williams still hopes more digital arts students will stay in Indiana, but she says there need to be more local jobs and opportunities in their chosen field. “We have some talent here.”