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Small businesses giving back to the community makes an impact in Indiana

Successful business owners say knowing how to give back to your community is part of creating success. Being socially responsible not only feels good, they say, but can be good for business as well.

Katina Washington, Owner of SHExperience Shoppes, offers free weekly courses to business owners and youth workforce development programs. The youth programs also cover life skills, the curriculum of which emphasizes the importance of mental health.

Washington encourages other business owners and community members to get involved with mental health initiatives. Pavel Polanco-Safadit, Executive Director of Amigos Latino Center, also believes in the power of youth development programs.

The Amigos Latino Center in Richmond, Indiana is a nonprofit that exposes youth to various career paths and life opportunities. They offer youth mentoring programs and adult empowerment programs for the LatinX community in Richmond and Wayne County.

Polanco-Safadit said it’s very important to be invested in your community to help community members and organizations advance.

You can learn more about SHExperience Shoppes here. More information about The Amigos Latino Center is available here.

This information is presented by Katina Washington and Pavel Polanco-Safadit.

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