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Strategies to help companies attract and retain great employees

Part of creating a successful business is knowing how to find the right people, and keeping them. Cathy Langham is the President and CEO of Langham Logistics, a woman-owned business that is an Indiana success story. She shared several strategies that have helped her build on success.

Langham Logistics has continued to invest on how they acquire good talent, including updating their website, including videos in the recruiting process, and changing how they post jobs. This helps the company stand apart from others in their industry as a top notch employer. Of course, this comes in addition to compensating employees fairly, a 30/60/90 day plan, and being open to feedback.

Company culture is one aspect of retaining good employees, and Langham recommends getting employees involved in events, giving them recognition, and making all staff meetings accessible to everyone. She says that communication is the key to everything, especially in times of high turnover. This includes listening to employees, giving them genuine respect, and giving adequate training.

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