Championship Chef Shares Recipes for an Award-Winning Summer BBQ

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He’s “hungry” for a good competition, and he’s found one!

Chef Craig Baker, World Chef Challenge Competitor, tells us about his latest venture, and makes us a 4th of July “picnic” spread that includes Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese and Potato Salad!

Team Indiana Background Information

What is Team Indiana?

Team Indiana is a talented and diverse group of Hoosier chefs and home cooks headed to Dallas, TX to compete in the World Food Championships October 16-20. They are representing the State of Indiana as part of the Culinary Crossroads initiative, with backing from the Indiana Office of Tourism Development and other underwriters.

Who is on Team Indiana?

Right now, Team Indiana is comprised of seven chefs from around the state, competing in six events at the 2019 World Food Championships:

  • • Craig Baker (Indianapolis) – World Chef Challenge
  • • Cindy Hawkins (Indianapolis) – World Dessert Championship
  • • Roger Hawkins (Indianapolis) – World Recipe Championship
  • • Turon Cummings (Whiting) – World Burger Championship
  • • Ben Hardy (Indianapolis) – World Dessert Championship
  • • Jennifer Norem (Knox) – Bacon World Championship
  • • Robert Frye (Indianapolis) – World Open Chili Championship

Some of the competitors have experience in the world of food sport while others are representing Indiana at their first international event.

Team Indiana is supported by a growing group of financial and in-kind underwriters, including to date:

  • • Indiana Office of Tourism Development
  • • ClusterTruck
  • • Indiana Kitchen-Premium Pork Products
  • • Indiana Grown
  • • Red Gold
  • • Piazza Produce
  • • Agency Worldwide

What are the World Food Championships?

The World Food Championships (WFC) is the largest competition in food sport, where over 500 qualified competitors convene for a chance at winning the ultimate food crown and a share of hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. The WFC is also the springboard for many up and coming culinary professionals and home cooks as they realize national recognition through many well-known food shows and acting opportunities. Since its debut in 2012, WFC has given birth to 30 TV food stars, awarded more than $1.8 million in prize money, garnered more than 6.9 billion media impressions, and connected 150+ food brands with food fans, food bloggers, and food media.

What is Culinary Crossroads and how is the State of Indiana involved?

Culinary Crossroads is a branding initiative aimed at identifying and raising the awareness of the people, products, processes and places that define Indiana’s culinary environment. The initiative will bring together and highlight Indiana chefs, farmers, communities, tourism leaders, , and Hoosier companies to promote Indiana’s food and agricultural offerings. Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch has said that as the state develops the Culinary Crossroads brand, it will continue to share stories with consumers around the country and provide this information to Indiana businesses to assist in their respective talent recruitment efforts.

MENU ITEM(S) Wings, Kids Wings, But Chicken, Add Hot
CONTAINER(S)  4 qt, Squeeze Bottles
UTENSIL(S) Bowl, Stick Mixer, Squeeze Bottles, Measuring cups and spoons
Red Gold Ketchup 1 1/2 C
Brown Sugar 1 C 
Molasas 1/4 C
Apple Juice 1/4 C
Water 1/4 C
Worcestershire  1 T
Whole Grain Mustard 3 t
Smoked Paprika 2 t
Garlic Powder 1/2 t
Cayenne Pepper 1 t
Salt 2 t
Pepper 1 t
Measure and mix everything in a bowl  
Blend with a stick mixer  
Make sure all lumps are dispersed and sauce is smooth  
RECIPE Potato Salad
Boiled, Diced Red Potatoes 2 lbs
Chopped Celery 1 C
Sliced Red Onion 1 C
Potato Salad Dressing 1.5 C
Green Onion 1 Bunch
Pickled Jalapeños 4 oz Can
Boil Potatoes till tender in salted water  
Process all other ingredients and make the dressing  
Mix everything together in a bowl  
Let sit for 30 Mins before service to let the flavors blend  
RECIPE Potato Salad Dressing
Yellow Mustard 1 T
Mayo  1 C
Local Folks Foods Mustard 1 T
Apple Cider Vin 1/4 C
Celery Seed 1t
Salt Pepper To Taste
Fresh Chopped Tarragon 1 B
Fresh Chopped Chives 1 oz
Sugar 1 T
Measure all ingredients  
Chop herbs  
Mix in a bowl and taste for Salt and Pepper  

Bacon Wrapped BBQ Chicken

Chicken Breast 4 ea
Slices of Indiana Kitchen Bacon 8 ea
Red Gold BBQ Sauce 1 C
Salt and Pepper to taste
Clean the Chicken breast and dry them with a paper towel  
Wrap the Chicken with the bacon.  One or two pieces should work.  
Sear in a hot skillet or on a medium high grill.  
Glaze with the BBQ sauce  
Bake or grill until bacon is crispy and 170 degrees internal temperature  

Mac and Cheese

Cooked Jumbo Macaroni 16 oz
Heavy cream 2 C
White Cheddar cheese 8 oz
Salt and Pepper to taste
In a sauté pan heat up cream  
add cooked pasta and heat through before adding the cheddar  
Melt cheese in and serve  

To learn more, visit:

Twitter: @TeamIndianaWFC

Facebook: @teamIndianaWFC

Instagram: @teamindianawfc

For more information on Team Indiana, email

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