Indy Style

Cocktail Claw Machines “come to life” with Amber, Randy and Annessa

Is it possible to have TOO much fun? We think not! Plenty of laughs filled our studio this morning with the team from Cocktail Claw — take a look!

About Cocktail Claw:

Cocktail Claw, a company started just before the pandemic hit works like this– basically Claw Machines are filled with miniature airplane bottles, charity boxes and other fun stuff for weddings, charity events, parties and graduations! A new wedding, charity and party sensation is here just in time for distanced post COVID engagements! SW Ohio based Cocktail Claw and now expanding across the country launched to a huge response just prior to the pandemic. The Cocktail Claw is the invention of Southwest Ohio entrepreneur Russ Gottesman and his team, some are calling this the party everyone is talking about and will be so much fun for your show! The Cocktail Claw is simple, distanced and fun rental for all types of events. Each machine grabs the party favor and delivers one party gift to each guest.

Website: e: p: 401-375-CLAW