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Firefighter Tim’s Halloween Candy Burn-off Workout

Firefighter Tim’s Halloween Candy Burn-off Workout

Ah, Halloween candy. We love it, but it doesn’t always love us!

Firefighter Tim says this year, use your kids’ Halloween stash to help you burn theses candy calories away!!! The workout assigns an exercise to each type of candy. So, grab a handful of candy from your kids bowl, and perform the exercises assigned to each piece and repeat for 3 rounds.  

Example workout: 

Reese’s= 10 burpees 

Milky Way=10 mountain climbers 

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M&Ms =10 push-ups 

Skittles = 10 jumping jacks 

Sweat tarts= 10 leg lifts 

Sweedish fish= 10 squats 

KitKat= 10 high knees

Twix=10 crunches 

Sour patch kids= ski jumps 

     Candy calorie counter exercise                     burn calculator                  

Snickers=80 calories =10 minutes biking at 12 to 15 miles per hour 

100 Grand=100 calories= 10 minutes elliptical moderate to hard pace 

Twix miniatures=80 calories 10 minutes hot yoga 

M&Ms fun size=75 calories= 10 minutes row machine 

Milky Way fun size=80 calories= 11 minutes lifting weights 

Reese’s peanut butter cup=85 calories 8 minutes of running in place 

Skittles=60 calories = 6 minutes spin class 

Starburst=40 calories= 5 minutes jumping rope 

Twizzlers=30 calories= 6 minutes Pilates 

Sour patch kids=55 calories=10 minutes swimming 

Swedish fish=55 calories= 12 minutes walking 

Haribo goldbears =33 calories=5 minutes dancing 

Nerds=45 calories= 6 minutes on a stair machine 

Chewing sweet tarts=70 calories=7 minutes jumping rope