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Girls Positivity Club benefits of creativity and crafting when it comes to family mental health

Right now more than ever, parents need ideas for boosting their children’s mental health and happiness. Many families are juggling hybrid, virtual, and in-person school and the stresses of everyday life of managing it all can be overwhelming.

On today’s Indy Style, Melissa Jones, Girls’ Positivity Club, (and a expert in education in teaching elementary students for 22 years), shares ways using creativity and crafting can positively impact family relationships and decrease anxiety and depression.

Here’s more:

According to a recent study, 45% of parents have felt increased anxiety due to the pandemic and changes in school and work environments. A simple solution for parents is to use crafting creativity. Studies show that being creative through crafting eases stress, increases happiness, fights depression and anxiety, and even protects the brain from damage caused by aging.

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