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How to preserve fresh fruit, make your own jam, lacto-ferment cherries

Jason Michael Thomas, Urban AG Indy joined us today to talk all things fruit preservation while making mulberry jam and lacto-fermenting cherries.

He says the most natural way to jam is to plant fruit trees, buy perennial berry bushes or find local mulberry trees.

To make mulberry Jam, Jason says one way is to cook clean fruit in honey. He used Eagle Creek Apiary honey. You can find honey jars, squeeze bottles and dippers on his website.

Jason made Lacto-fermented cherries using kombucha vinegar, local honey, salt and herbs.

The Indiana Forest Alliance is holding a fundraiser dinner on September 17th that Jason is apart of.

You can purchase a “Feed the Artist Pay It Forward Box” on Jason’s website for $30 which will provide one Indianapolis artist, musician, dancer, actor, writer or designer with a box filled with whole, healthy foods.

He has a ceramic bread maker made for his custom line of pottery by the team at Gravesco Pottery. For each Bread maker purchased, 10-dollars will go to feeding artist in need.

Jason Michael Thomas owns Urban Awareness Gardens in the heart of downtown Indianapolis where he elegantly prepares 100 percent locally farmed and foraged dinners in a private setting. He uses his television appearances and social media influence to educate others about the crucial importance of the sustainable food movement and promotes a healthy lifestyle by teaching why we should seek out the most natural and delicious local foods.

Go to Jason’s website to learn more about his mission and to book your private dinners and events.