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Kammy's Kause celebrates 15 years of fundraising at Hoosier Park this weekend

Kammy's Kause is celebrating 15 years of restoring hope and transforming lives across America! 

The two-day music festival will be held at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino this weekend, Saturday, August 11th & Sunday, August 12th. 

Festivities include 22 local musicians/bands, Kammy’s Ride (a 125-mile escorted motorcycle ride), Charity Chariots, a Kid Zone (including bounce houses and a petting zoo), an AuKtion, great food, amazing people and much more!

Kammy’s Kause, founded in 2004, is the largest fundraiser in the United States for the 4p- Support Group, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. To date, Kammy's Kause has raised over $370,000, which has been donated directly to the 4p- Support Group. Jared Hiner, Co-Founder & President, created the organization shortly after his daughter Kamdyn was diagnosed with 4p-. 

4p-, also known as Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome (WHS), is an extremely rare chromosome disorder which causes mild to severe mental and physical handicaps, organ failure, oral defensiveness, and developmental delays. Early intervention such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy have proven to be vital in the development of children with 4p-. There have been 600+ cases reported since its discovery in the 1960’s, thirteen of which are known in Indiana, one of which is my daughter. With so few 4p- children and the lack of funding, new research and information is limited. 4p- is one of the 6,000-8,000 “rare diseases” that affect as many as 30 million people worldwide, 50% of which are children. While Kammy’s Kause directly supports the 4p- Support Group, the organization's hope is to increase awareness about “rare diseases” in general, they NEED our help to be properly diagnosed.

Go to for more information or to donate, and follow Kammy's Kause on Facebook


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