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Local entrepreneur invents potential life-saving fireplace tray

Saving lives, one fireplace tray at a time.

Indianapolis native Bernice Taylor, owner of Ashes to Go, explains how her fireplace tray reduces the risk of fireplace-caused house fires.

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Taylor’s patented tray allows hot embers to extinguish in the tray then be safely removed. When fireplace ash is placed in containers such as a dumpster or trash can, they can reignite. Taylor’s trays are unique in that they come with a protective cover that deprives the ash of oxygen. With her tray, made of 18-gauge steel, there is no need for a bucket, brush or shovel. The tray has a low-profile design that won’t obstruct access to the grate or firewood. The safe, secure lid easily seals in the ashes to avoid spills on carpets, hardwood or other flooring.

Taylor is an example of female entrepreneurs in Indiana who have launched enterprises that need just a little publicity. Historically, women have been creatively inventing many devices and have ideas that get little notice. This especially applies to African American female inventors such as Taylor.

To see a video demonstration of the tray, go to this website:


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