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Play this Valentine’s Day version of “Secret Santa” with your entire family

COVID has put the kibosh on holidays lately, but with a little creativity there is no reason we can’t still express our love for one another and have a little fun along the way. QT Cupid is St Valentine’s version of Secret Santa and can be played within a family or amongst a group of friends. Childcare advocate Florence Ann Romano, The Windy City Nanny, discusses the value of “showing the love” this VDay especially and demonstrates a few, fun QT Cupid gift ideas.

  • Family QT Cupid:
    • The game begins the week prior to Valentine’s Day.
    • Everyone draws a name to see who their QT Cupid is. 
    • Mom and/or Dad have stocked a QT Cupid store (a box or bag) with fun VDay trinkets. 
    • Kids, mom, and dad shop the store (can use fake $ for added fun) and/or make their own VDay gifts.
    • Each day everyone leaves a gift and a love note for their QT Cupid.
    • On Valentine’s Day, the family gathers to guess who their QT Cupid is.
  • Friends QT Cupid (If your group of friends lives close by)
    • The game is the same, except friends shop for or make their own gifts.
    • On Valentine’s Day, they meet over Zoom/Skype, etc. to guess who their QT Cupid is.