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Put team pride into your wardrobe with these workplace looks

Put team pride into your wardrobe with these workplace looks

You may not be able to cheer on your favorite college team this year due to COVID-19, but you can still help support your team – at work!

Local Blogger Lindsay Veremis,, shares ways to show off your time pride in a way that’s perfect for the office. Here are just a few of her tips:

• Shop all year long, consider wide range of retailers & online sources
• Colorblocking is a sophisticated way to show both team colors in one garment
• Seek out patterns (e.g. stripes, pin dots, houndstooth). They combine colors without it looking too overt.
• Tweed is always a great choice. It’s a workplace classic and easy to find in a variety of shades.
• Elevate game day t-shirts by pairing them with a statement skirt or blazer
• Most universities have a secondary color palette you can lean on, in addition to the institution’s primary colors
• The easiest way to inject team pride into your wardrobe is through accessories
• Don’t think of team colors too literally – A wide range of shades, when paired with the schools other color, will “read” Purdue, IU or Butler

Why did you start your blog?
I used to work as a news anchor (hence the name “Anchored” in Elegance) and would get a ton of questions from viewers about fashion and style. Often, I received more questions about how I style my hair or what I was wearing, than about the stories I was reporting! It surprised me, but also indicated that I might have something to offer in that department. I love having the opportunity to help women feel good about the way they look, to have that added boost of confidence to go after what they dream of. Elegance can be affordable! I talk a lot about style, but also touch on career development and insights into the weird but wonderful wold of TV news.

Any best places to look for team gear?
I’ve had great luck with Amazon and HM, due to the vast selection they offer. But going back to the importance of shopping all year, you really need to scour the racks and diversify the places you look to get specific color combos.

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