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The truth about hearing loss and hearing aids with Indiana Hearing Specialists

As the world of digital technology improves, so do hearing aids, and you may be surprised to hear the average age of hearing loss onset is going down.

Dr. Sandy Bratton, Audiologist, Indiana Hearing Specialists, tells us more:

What can we do if we or someone we know has hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a very prevalent issue in America. More than 30 million Americans, that’s one in eight people over the age of 12, have some degree of loss. We all suspect that we likely have some hearing loss as we get older, but the average age of hearing loss onset across the country has been decreasing steadily. Mostly, this is due to the use of personal music players and headphones. Often times we wait too long to be fitted with quality hearing aids to improve our hearing. We think hearing aids are bulky, make us look old, or we’ve had friends or family who haven’t done well with hearing aids. But the fact is hearing aids have improved dramatically over the last 5-10 years. They are now small, inconspicuous, and have better sound quality than ever before. As the world of digital technology improves, so do hearing aids.

What are some major features of hearing aids?
The most important goal of hearing healthcare is to be able to connect with the people that we care about. Sound processing within the hearing aid is now able to sense conversation and motion around us to adapt to the environment that the patient is in, allowing for access to clear communication around them. Hearing aids will constantly work with the person wearing them not to make everything “louder” but to make speech around them “more crisp and clear” and inhibit the confusing background noise.

Currently in this pandemic, a new obstacle for individuals with hearing impairment, wearing masks has made communication much more of a challenge for those with hearing loss. Adapting to this, newer hearing aids can detect that and provide more clear speech from those who are near us to allow for better communication.

Newer hearing aids have also adapted to the much more digital world. Now, hearing aids connect wirelessly to devices like our cell phones and tablets. Many hearing aids are now equipped with Bluetooth technology so we can stream our phone calls or download music directly into our hearing aids much like a pair of high-end earphones. This allows for clear and efficient communication with our loved ones farther away even easier. This also helps individuals adapt to the new “Hands Free” laws in the state of Indiana – while in their car they can still receive phone calls through their hearing aids without holding their phone up and breaking the law.

Many of the new hearing aids have their own application that can allow for the patient to adjust sound quality and environmental factors in real time while they are in the situation. This gives the patient the ability to better control what they are hearing in what situations.

Most hearing aids now have rechargeable batteries too. So no more fumbling or keeping track of or constantly replenishing your battery supply.

Are hearing aids affordable?
We know hearing aids are an investment, but one that is well worth it to stay connected to our friends, family, and community. There are wonderful financing options for hearing aids now including a Leasing program available from Indiana Hearing Specialists. It allows you to wear very high end hearing aids for very low monthly payments. It also ensures that your aids are always under warranty so there are no surprise charges down the road for repairs.

What else is Indiana Hearing Specialists doing to help out those with hearing loss?
As always, we are promoting efficient communication strategies not only of our patients but of their loved ones that are communicating with them.

Currently, we are also helping our hearing impaired patients adapt to different restraints regarding the pandemic. We are currently offering Clear Masks as an alternative to the common cloth face masks. These masks allow for more lip reading and facial cues to be seen by the patient to ensure the most successful communication. We are providing these to anyone who comes in for a hearing evaluation to give to a family member or health care provider to improve speech understanding.

How can contact you?
If anyone has questions about hearing loss or hearing aids they can contact us at (317) 671-8000 or on our website at
You can also place open the camera on your phone and hold it up to you screen now. It will take you to our “request for contact” form that you can fill out accordingly.

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