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What’s NEW in theaters this weekend? The Film Yap gives us a preview

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Godzilla vs. King Kong — You know movies are starting to get back to normal when we can have flicks like this: big, dumb and loud. Big ape battles huge dinosaur, who will win? …not the humans.
Oscar-nominated live action shorts — This year’s Academy Award-nominated live action short films are defined by hope and despair in the face of racism and enmity.
Oscar-nominated animated shorts — This year’s crop of animated shorts is noticeably darker and more sobering, and notable for the rare lack of a Disney/Pixar nominee.
French Exit — Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges star as a rich woman and her son who lose their fortune and flee to Paris. Sometimes hilarious and compelling, but also contrived and disjointed.
The Unholy — When a deaf girl is visited by a vision of the Virgin Mary and can suddenly hear and speak again, it brings sudden fame — as well as the encroachment of dark forces in this horror starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Shiva Baby — While home for a funeral service, a college student has an encounter with her ex-friend and old flame in this savage comedy of Jewish manners.

Cool on Streaming:
Concrete Cowboy — This rich, if a mite predictable, Netflix drama looks at modern-day urban cowboys determined to keep riding whatever edge of the frontier they can hold onto. Now on Netflix.