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Kid-ing with Kayla: Parenting with playful character voices

Kid-ing with Kayla: Playing with kids

Kid-ing with Kayla: My son may not listen to me when I use my regular voice but he does pay attention when I pretend to be the Green Goblin from Spider-Man!

As a former theatre kid, I love to get into character. My son’s obsession with Spidey is no secret and to have fun, Spidey needs to fight a bad guy! Unfortunately, the cartoon version of Green Goblin (Gobby) has a very scratchy high-pitched voice that pretty much destroys my vocal chords.

My robot voice is also not my favorite to do for a long period but I do find success parenting with different accents! I would recommend taking that route before trying a voice that is painful for long periods.


Our thoughts & prayers are with my vocal chords at this time 😂 #kids #parenting #spidey #greengoblin #greengobby

♬ original sound – Kayla Marie Sullivan

Like many children, Allan wants repetition and asks for the “Green Gobby” voice every time we play.

I joked about how I both love and hate this character and asked other parents to share their regrettable or not-so-regrettable character voices.

WISH-TV’s Cody Adams chimed in with his silly random guy voice. He said he likes to use the embarrassing character when he’s dropping his kids off for school.

We want other parents to chime in on the fun! Share your character voices with us on Facebook.

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