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How McDonald’s celebrates Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month

How McDonald’s celebrates Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month

At McDonald’s, celebrating diversity and inclusion isn’t just a one-time thing during Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month – it’s a year-round commitment.

Alison Kosanovich, McDonald’s Owner/Operator, joined us Friday morning to talk about what the company does to celebrate Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month, and why it’s important!

These values are at the core of how the company operates because McDonald’s believes in creating an environment where everyone feels respected and valued.

The company was thrilled to sponsor the Asian Festival in Indianapolis last weekend.

It was a fantastic opportunity for the McDonald’s brand to connect with customers outside of the restaurants, at an event that celebrates the beautiful diversity and strength of the community.

By promoting diversity and inclusion within the McDonald’s family, the company is not only making its workplace culture richer but also better serving its diverse customer base.

“When you see somebody on TV as you’re growing up, it’s good to see somebody that goes, ‘She kind of looks like me,’” Kosanovich explained. “She kind of resembles my personality and thought process and maybe one day I can do that, or maybe one day I could be an entrepreneur somewhere.”

McDonald’s values cultural representation, seeing itself as more than just a place to eat – it’s a hub where people from all backgrounds come together.

Representation matters, especially in business.

That’s why McDonald’s is dedicated to sharing stories and successes, hoping to inspire future generations of Asian American entrepreneurs.

Everyone is invited to join McDonald’s in celebrating diversity and inclusion, not just this month, but every day.