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Kid-ing with Kayla: The morning before school struggle


Kid-ing with Kayla: Bedtime is still the most difficult time of the day but mornings before school is a close second. Allan, 5, has really been fighting me on getting ready for school.

He falsely claims he is feeling sick, he wants to watch shows, he tries to pull on my heart strings by asking for a mommy/son fun day (that one actually worked one time) but it all has to stop! He needs school and he actually likes it once he is there. In fact, every morning the teacher has to pull him out of my arms, he’s claiming he wants to stay at school when I pick him up in the afternoon.

So, what doesn’t he like? He doesn’t like school “work” and “sitting still” he said he especially despises nap time. It’s funny how something we crave so badly as adults is hated as a child.

I decided to wake up early today to see if I could help the morning process move a little faster. I gave him a night time bath instead of morning, I made him a Mickey Mouse shaped breakfast, I packed him a cookie to look forward to for lunch, I laid out multiple outfits for him to choose from to avoid a power struggle, and I reminded him it’s a short week due to spring break starting Friday and he has karate tonight! None of it worked.

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