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Kid-ing with Kayla: Tooth fairy seeks alternate form of payment

Kid-ing with Kayla: What happens when the tooth fairy doesn’t have access to cash on a night that a kid loses a tooth? In Sunday night’s case, it was a trip to the ATM after that particular child told authorities the alternate form of payment would be a new Nintendo Switch (a nearly $300 item).

Fortunately for the child, the ATM the tooth fairy had access to only dispensed $20 bills so, even though I’m sure the tooth fairy only wanted to give a dollar or two, this was quite the raise!

How much did the tooth fairy give you as a child?

“I only got .25 cents!” one commenter online complained. “Inflation is real!” joked another.

Authorities are working to determine why the tooth fairy didn’t think to leave a note saying this $20 was an advance for all the other teeth the kid will lose in the coming years.

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