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Kid-ing with Kayla’s exclusive Jonas Brothers interview

WISH-TV’s Specialty Content Creator Kayla Sullivan had quite an exciting night on Tuesday as she got to go backstage with the Jonas Brothers before their concert at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

WISH’TV’s Kayla Sullivan with the Jonas Brothers before their concert in Indianapolis

How did she get this opportunity? Well, it turns out the brothers can relate to her viral parenting videos! Kevin Jonas started following Kayla on Instagram and accepted her suggestion to collaborate on social media for their concert in Indianapolis.

All of the Jonas Brothers are also dads! Kevin spoke to Kayla about parenting in his backstage room before the show. Using Kevin’s flashlight as a fake microphone, the megastar explained his love for his wife and children and how much he misses them while he is touring. He says he brings a pillow with their faces printed on it everywhere he goes. He also had a digital photo frame with family pictures playing.

“What’s the most challenging part of being a parent?” asked Kayla. Kevin responded, “With our jobs, we just want to be present and I’m just trying to be as present as I can be any time. So, as much time as I can be at home, I do! So, we fly home tonight, even after the show, we’ve had a 3-day run and I fly home, wake up in the morning and then fly out for the show, and then fly right back. So as much as I can be home, I am.”

Kayla asked him about the viral video he posted struggling to help his daughter with her 3rd grade math homework. “Have you been working on that?” joked Kayla. “She’s now in 4th grade so I am completely screwed!”


I can confirm it’s impossible to remain unbiased & professional at a @Jonas Brothers concert! #jonasbrothers #indianapolis #indy #JB #nickjonas #kevinjonas #joejonas @Kevin Jonas

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In the social media collaboration, Kayla joked about how mundane the Jonas Brothers pre-concert routine was, calling it “a tad underwhelming” after interviewing Joe Jonas about his dedication to video games and talking to Nick Jonas about his teeth brushing technique. We even got a close-up of Joe’s soccer skills!

“I love how we got to show the Jonas Brothers being human,” said Kayla Sullivan. “They were such great sports about it all. They understand the joke about making silly everyday things into news stories and Kevin even offered his flashlight to use as my fake microphone. In my excitement, I accidentally stole that flashlight so Kevin, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry!”

Kayla also interviewed fans at the concert. Many pointing out how they love the fact the Jonas Brothers are also fathers. “What does your shirt say?” asked Kayla. “I love hot dads!” responded the fan. Kayla asked who she thinks changes the most diapers out of the three brothers. “Definitely Kevin,” said the fan.

Another fan girl added, “Their daughters are so lucky! I wish the Jonas Brothers could sing me a lullaby.”

Many JB fans made themed bracelets to hand out to other fans. One told Kayla they took her two weeks to make!

Two fans had a literal hand fan that read, “daddy”. Kayla asked, “Who is daddy?” To which they both responded in unison, “Joe!”

In the video, Kayla claims to attempt to remain unbiased and professional at the concert but is quickly seen fangirling screaming, “He pointed at me!”

Kayla’s sister Lindsey is seen deleting videos on her phone to make more space for videos of the Jonas Brothers. The two of them are singing lyrics and enjoying the concert.

The video ends with Kayla admitting she was neither professional or unbiased at the concert but authorities are working to determine whether that’s even possible. We can confirm Kayla is a Jonas Brothers fan. Back to you!

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