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4 self defense moves that could save you

One move. That might be all you need to defend yourself in the event of an attack. And if you’re smaller than your opponent, these techniques are just for you. Mario Camacho, Sparta Training Academy in Fishers, (along with his 15-year-old-daughter and Ball State University Student Adam Vang) show us:

1.) A one-arm shoulder throw. (Ippon Seionage or One arm shoulder throw)

2.) How to throw a Hip Throw. (Ogoshi or Major Hip Throw)

3.) A strong hold down to control your opponent. (Kesa Gatame or Scarf Lock)

4.) An arm bar. (Juji Gatame or Cross arm lock) This is what Ronda Rousey would use to bend the arm of her opponent.


Sparta Training Academy is located in Fishers, IN and is a partner of Open Gym:

Judo was created by a gentleman who was much smaller and wanted to be able to control larger people. Mario is a second-degree black belt who runs the Sparta Judo program. He also helps teach at the Fishers YMCA and Branson Judo in Anderson and is a National level Coach and President of Indiana Judo. (

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