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Celebrating the Hindu holiday Diwali

Diwali: Hindu Festival of Lights

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)- Diwali is the biggest and most important Hindu Festival.

It’s also called the Festival of Lights. The festival celebrates triumph of light over darkness.

It represents good over evil and the human ability to overcome.

Diwali is celebrated on the last day of the year and celebrations go on for a week.

Often celebrated with a ton of food and beautiful decorations.

Besides India, it is an official holiday in several countries, including Fiji, Guyana, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica.

Around 4.4 Million Hindus celebrate Diwali in the US, which will be celebrated in the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana on Nov 12th and 13th at 6 PM.