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Denver welcomes Indy 500 season with exclusive Sonsio Grand Prix Car preview

Behind the Bricks: Sonsio Open House

In a unique move bridging the gap between the fervor of Indianapolis 500 enthusiasts in Denver and the race’s newest sponsor, Sonsio, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) organized an open house event at Sonsio’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado. This initiative, headlined by IMS President Doug Boles, aimed to offer fans a glimpse into the world of being a title sponsor at the renowned speedway, while also engaging with a passionate segment of its fanbase away from the traditional racetrack environment.

The event welcomed Indy 500 ticket holders from the Denver area, drawing a crowd of several hundred race enthusiasts. Attendees were treated to an exclusive preview of Scott McLaughlin’s new Sonsio-sponsored car, set to compete in the upcoming Sonsio Grand Prix. This race will inaugurate the Month of May festivities on the IMS road course, showcasing the proactive role Sonsio is assuming as a title sponsor in the lead-up to the event.

The gathering served as a precursor to a series of engagements planned by Sonsio to activate its sponsorship during the race weekend, with a follow-up episode slated for release after May to document these initiatives. As an industry leader in vehicle protection and warranty programs, Sonsio’s partnership with IMS and the associated “Behind the Bricks” series continues to evolve, promising an exciting season ahead for racing fans.

With the Sonsio Grand Prix marking the commencement of the Month of May’s racing activities in just 50 days, anticipation is building. The Denver open house not only highlighted Sonsio’s strategic involvement in the lead-up to the race but also spotlighted the enduring allure of the Indianapolis 500, as IMS and Sonsio work hand in hand to kick off one of racing’s most celebrated months.

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