Finding Faith: Amanda Wolf to handcycle in Global 6K for Water

Amanda Wolf, a Seymour, Indiana native, was born with sacral agenesis, a rare birth defect which hinders the spine’s development. Despite her immobility, Amanda is determined to make a difference. She joined us on the show today to tell us about a special cause.

She’s pledged to participate in World Vision’s annual Global 6K for Water in Indianapolis on Saturday, May 21, and aims to raise $20K to help bring life-changing clean water to families in the developing world. 

In 2020, Amanda learned that people in the developing world walk an average of 6 kilometers (approx. 3.73 miles) every day to gather water that often makes them sick. Inspired to join Team World Vision, she became the first person to finish a Team World Vision race using a handcycle when she completed the Indy Half Marathon.

In just two years, she’s raised more than $35,000 to support World Vision’s vital work as the largest non-governmental supplier of clean water in the developing world. 

To learn more about World Vision and get involved with the Global 6K for Water, click here.