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Fishers native shares personal story in ‘Sometimes I Imagine Your Funeral’ film

Sometimes I Imagine Your Funeral: Fishers native shares personal story

Meet Vince Dixon, the writer/director behind “Sometimes I Imagine Your Funeral.” In 2021, Vince penned a heartfelt letter to his sister Lauren, who had been battling drug addiction for years. The letter, filled with anguish and unresolved emotions, was never sent.

Tragically, just two weeks later, Lauren fatally overdosed.

Now, Vince is channeling his grief and love for his sister into a powerful film project. Through “Sometimes I Imagine Your Funeral,” he aims to honor Lauren’s memory while reaching out to others grappling with similar struggles in their families.

The film delves into the intricate dynamics between siblings Max and Chloe. Max, portrayed by Vince himself, grapples with the complexities of grief as he prepares to eulogize Chloe at her funeral. Initially consumed by bitterness and regret, Max reflects on moments that might have contributed to Chloe’s addiction spiral.

Yet, amidst the pain, Max also recalls the cherished memories—the moments of connection and love shared with his sister, beyond the labels of “enabler” and “addict.”

To ensure authenticity and empathy in storytelling, Vince has partnered with Community Fairbanks Recovery Center (CFRC), a non-profit addiction treatment center based in Indianapolis. CFRC’s rehabilitation programs played a pivotal role in Lauren’s journey, and their Family Connections program has offered solace and support to countless others in the community.

Upon completion, Vince plans to hold screenings of the film in collaboration with CFRC, sparking vital conversations about supporting loved ones grappling with addiction.

Returning to his hometown of Fishers, Indiana, Vince is eager to film this deeply personal narrative. Collaborating with both Indiana-based and Los Angeles-based cast and crew members, he aims to weave together a poignant tale of love, loss, and the enduring bond between siblings.