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How to prepare fresh asparagus feat. Jason Michael Thomas

Urban Awareness Gardens: Why everyone should have an asparagus patch

Chef Jason Michael Thomas, the mastermind behind Urban Awareness Gardens, joined us to talk about why everyone should have an asparagus patch.

But wait…that’s not all! He also shared a few recipes using asparagus, salad turnips, and radishes.

In the first segment, he prepared asparagus for out Lifestyle Hosts in two different forms. He prepared raw asparagus and gently cooked asparagus with fresh strawberries.

In the second segment, he prepared salad turnips two ways. He made raw salad with radishes and sautéed.

Check out their reactions to these delicious meals in the full interview above so you can learn how to bring the health and wealth to your kitchen using fresh asapragus!

For more information about Jason Michael Thomas and his work, you can visit the Jason Michael Thomas website.

Different ways to use salad turnips