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Overcoming homelessness and addiction through music

Bobby Hayden Jr., a singer and the founder of Cardboard Box Ministries has an incredible story of transformation from homelessness to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He joined us on camera to perform and share his inspiring journey.

Bobby Hayden Jr. has been involved in the entertainment field for most of his life. As a child prodigy and a rocker during the MTV era in the 80s, Bobby has now dedicated himself to sharing his story through music and words.

Through his Cardboard Box Ministry, he aims to provide hope to the broken by spreading the message of faith. His personal experiences with homelessness, addictions, and overcoming hardships serve as the foundation for his inspirational subject matter.

Bobby’s testament of Faith has garnered attention from various media outlets across the country, shedding light on his mission to provide hope to those in need. To learn more about Bobby and his ministry, you can visit his Instagram at cardboardboxministries.

Bobby Hayden Jr. also mentioned that he will be in town for Rock the Block on Saturday in downtown Indy. The event will take place from noon to 5 p.m. on on June 3. at 4302 E. New York Street.

Rock the Block promises free food, prizes, and entertainment for attendees. Bobby expressed his excitement about the event and mentioned that he is currently recording in Nashville, Tennessee, with well-known studio musicians who have joined him in spreading his message of hope.

One of the songs Bobby performed and shared with us is titled “Momma Has Stories.” This song encapsulates Bobby’s personal journey and the experiences he has encountered along the way. Through his music, Bobby aims to touch the hearts of listeners and inspire them with messages of resilience, faith, and hope.

Overall, Bobby Hayden Jr.’s story and music serve as a powerful reminder that transformation is possible, and through faith and perseverance, one can overcome even the most challenging circumstances.