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Pattern Vol. 7 launch party and fundraiser in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pagoda

Pattern will release its Spring/Summer issue this week, featuring Tony Kanaan on the cover, and other drivers inside like guest Verizon IndyCar Series driver Pippa Mann who shares behind the scenes insights into their famous photo shoot. In celebration, IMS is helping host Pattern’s first-ever fundraiser March 14 in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pagoda

 It was definitely one of those days where I get to play dress up and actually be a girl for the day which was a lot of fun but I’m pretty terrible of getting my photo taken.  With the performance issue they went through this will all the athletes.”

We’re excited to announce the launch of our 7th issue of Pattern magazine. Our focus this issue is on athletes of all kinds, amateur, professional and everything in between. Indianapolis has a rich history of sports, and the new issue explores the different ways that sports, fashion and art intersect in our city. The launch is taking place on 3/14 and is being hosted at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Pippa Mann is one of the featured athletes. Pippa’s helmet is among the Verizon IndyCar Series driver helmets photographed for the issue.

The March 14 Vol. 7 launch party will be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pagoda, an iconic location that Pippa is familiar with because she races there, lives in Indianapolis and it has a special place in her heart. The launch is also our first annual fundraiser, as we hope to raise money to help further all of Pattern’s ongoing projects: Store, Magazine and Makerspace.

For more information check out these websites:,, and to purchase tickets for the launch party