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Rethink quilting with Modern Quilting

Dispel the myth! Quilting is not just for the older generation anymore. Tisha Nagel and Katie Burford of the Indy Modern Quilt Guild tell us modern quilting brings a fresh perspective to traditional quilting with fun flirty bright colors, bold graphic prints, and simplicity in layout and design.

Today on Indy Style, Tisha and Katie show Amber a quilting technique and chat about how people of all ages are really jumping on the quilting trend for both functionality and photography props, too!

Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild is group of sewists encouraging and growing with modern sewists and quilting in Indianapolis. The guild has been around since 2010 years and in late July, they’ll hold a quilt show in Broad Ripple Park to promote Modern Quilting in Indy. This is an opportunity to learn about and experience modern quilting in a way never seen before in Indianapolis. The event will feature many beautiful graphic quilts in Broad Ripple Park, hosting children’s activities and celebrating with attendees from across the state. The event is free and open to both invitees and the public!About the Indy Modern Quilt Guild –

• Founded in 2010

• First show in 2013

• In 2014, we joined forces with the official parent Modern Quilt Guild, and gained 501c3 Status

• Membership is currently on the rise (117% higher than 2015.)

• We meet once a month typically in the Riley Area Development Space on Mass Ave behind Homespun and up the street from Crimson Tate, although we have a few special event meetings at other locations.

• We do charity projects typically 1/year various different charities – Riley, Julian Center, Heroes Helping Heroes, Pink Ribbon Connection etc.

• Modern quilts are:

o Functional rather than decorative quilts

o Use asymmetry in quilt design

o Rely less on repetition and on the interaction of quilt block motifs

o Contain reinterpreted traditional blocks

o Embrace simplicity and minimalism

o Utilize alternative block structures or lack of visible block structure

o Incorporate increased use of negative space

o Are inspired by modern art and architecture

o Frequently use improvisational piecing

o Contain bold colors, on trend color combinations and graphic prints

o Often use gray and white as neutrals

o Reflect an increased use of solid fabrics

o Focus on finishing quilts on home sewing machinesAbout the Show –

• July 31st from 2-5:30 pm

• Broad Ripple Park Shelter #1


• Activities for families and quilters both

To learn more about the Indy Modern Quilt Guild and the event, please visit, Follow them at @indymqg, or find us on Facebook!