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Second Helpings: Fighting hunger in Indiana one dish at a time

Celebrating National Noodle Day

In the heart of Indiana, Second Helpings is on a mission to combat the pervasive issue of hunger that affects countless Hoosiers.

Caitlin Bartnik, the Hunger Relief Manager at Second Helpings, knows the importance of their work firsthand.

They serve up dishes like chili mac and creamy mustard pasta, both versatile enough to accommodate a variety of proteins.

These meals are more than just recipes; they represent hope and sustenance for the 1 in 7 Hoosiers who struggle with food insecurity, as defined by the USDA.

The statistics are stark: in 2020, 11% of Indiana’s population faced food insecurity, and in Marion County, 13% of the population and a staggering 23% of children were food insecure.

Second Helpings is a lifeline for many, with 25% of Marion County residents relying on various forms of food assistance.

Despite their efforts, 1% of Marion County residents still have unmet food needs, with families with children making up half of those facing this harsh reality.

Second Helpings continues to be a beacon of hope in the fight against hunger, offering support, nourishment, and a path toward a brighter future.

For more information and how to support Second Helpings, visit their website:

Second Helpings: Addressing hunger and poverty in Central Indiana