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Summer Décor Tips

Set the mood for summer with design tips from expert Abby Thompson! Abby shows the latest in home decor tips and trends and how you can put a new “spin” on your living space this summer!SUMMER DÉCOR TIPS:

Paint trends: First I wanted to start off with the basis of any room design – color. This year, a big trend in the home color palette is the usage of greys. It is not uncommon to see homeowners painting every room in their house this color, it is in every magazine and every Pinterest pin – people are going wild about it. Versions of grey and adding in a tint of blue or blue undertones are a good way to brighten up your home for the summer and give your space a cool and airy ambiance.

• Blues are shown to have a calming effect, so for our display, we’ve created a mood board showing a few light versions of this trend. First, we have this off-white that can be used for trimming and added in this light grey that can be used on the main walls

• For smaller areas we suggest adding in a darker version of the grey or choosing a light turquoise blue. Vibrant accents such as the complementing teal or sea blue or the contrasting

sunshine yellow are a nice surprise – these colors evoke a little bit of the beach, which is perfect for summertime.

• If you are unsure about a color, we advise getting a few tester quarts (or you can even purchase smaller containers) and trying it out next to each other like we’ve done here on your wall at home.

Hunter Fans in your home: The next thing to do once you’ve picked out your base, your color palette and paint, is to choose the focal point of your space. Ceiling fans should be at the top of mind when styling your home for the summer. They also continue to compliment your home all year round.

• Inspiring homeowners and trusted since 1886 (That’s 130 year’s this year!) and Hunter’s new product launch debuting this summer, there are a ton of new designs to choose from.

• Going back to our mood board or idea board here, we’ve shown a great example of one of our new designs that would go along quite nicely with our color scheme. The Sentinel is cool neutral and adds a modern rustic touch to the space.

• We also have this example on our Hunter Pinterest board, this fan, called the Signal, is also a very similar rustic modern feel as well. It’s also a Wifi Apple HomeKit smart fan – adding in a little smart tech to your home can help you keep that summer relaxation


• Some of the cool truths about these fans are that they will not only last for the summer – but their timeless design and quality ensures that they will be whisper quiet, not make that awful wobbling sound and they will work for your home for years to come.

• Another big craze creeping into our everyday lives is smart home technology. While we already have smart tech at our fingertips all day long, Hunter has made it easy for homeowners to control even their fan with a simple voice command. The Signal is Apple HomeKit enabled and Wifi enabled so you can just tell Siri to turn on your fan – you can continue your summer relaxation without having to get off the couch! Simple as that!

Mixed metals: While most people usually assume that when you choose metallic finishes for your room you have to continue this palette all the way through, those days are long gone! A new trend that I personally use in my own home and love is the use of mixed metals throughout my decor pieces.

• Here we have Gold incorporated in our throw pillows in the stitching, we have these gold candle sticks that can be used on a coffee table or mantle but we also used silver and brushed gunmetal which you can see here in the fan design and this little silver dish.

• Two different metallic finishes can live in harmony if used in the right way. To prevent competition between the two finishes, disperse them throughout the space. You can also use similar design themes such as vintage or ornate candlesticks to go along with a classic vintage dish like this one.

Pillows and throws: It’s easy to throw in some fun and vibrant summer colors by adding in a pop of color with embroidered and fringed throw pillows and light throw blankets.

• Fun embroidered patterns like this one add in a variety of colors like this bright coral and still go along with the color scheme.

• This turquoise blue pillow adds a bold pop along with the yellow throw blanket which keeps things bright and cheerful hanging over the back of your comfy couch. Perfect for bringing the colors of summer indoors while also functioning for a summer afternoon, sitting under your

Hunter ceiling fan watching movies during a summer storm.

Fresh flowers: Finally, a great way for you to bring the outside indoors this summer is by using fresh flowers in your home. I make it a point to pick some up at the store every few weeks or so – great way to bring a breath of fresh air into your space (literally).

• There are a few summer flowers that add a nice touch but also live for a long time.

• Carnations and daisies are a great option while mums or “chrysanthemums” can last up to 20 days. Just make sure to change out the water and remove dead flowers so the rest of your bouquet can last longer.

• If you’re planning your own “Huntervention,” visit and choose from a variety of new ceiling fans that can help bring a breath of fresh air to your home this summer!