AG Hill accusers discuss new suit, struggles since going public with allegations

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Four women who accuse Indiana’s Attorney General Curtis Hill of groping them are now suing him and the state of Indiana in federal court.

They say Hill inappropriately touched them during end-of-session party, often called Sine Die, at AJ’s Bar in Indianapolis on March 15, 2018.

Three of the women – Niki DaSilvia, Samantha Lozano and Gabby McLemore – and their attorney were interviewed live on Daybreak Wednesday.

They said sexual harassment is a pervasive issue at the Indiana Statehouse, and they want it to stop. 

“It’s way more than what happened the day of the event,” said McLemore. “It’s not just those few minutes where you were touched by the attorney general but it’s every day since then. Anytime the office gets brought up or sine die gets brought up you’re taken back to that night and you can’t really get past it.”

The women also explained they are suing the state for not fulfilling its legal obligations to its employees. They said they hope the Indiana Statehouse changes its sexual harassment training policies. 

“I was stunned when our clients told us that their training on sexual harassment consisted of an attorney with the statehouse reading the sexual harassment policy verbatim out loud. That was the training. Literally reading the written policy. Not answering questions, not having discussions,” said attorney Hannah Kaufman Joseph.

Curtis Hill accusers share story on Daybreak

The women also outlined the struggles they’ve faced since going public with their allegations, saying coworkers treat them differently and have removed tasks they usually completed because it brings them in contact with the Attorney General’s office.

The group had tried to pursue criminal charges against Hill, but a special prosecutor declined the case, saying he believed the women but would struggle to prove their claims. 

Curtis Hill has denied all wrongdoing and refused requests from lawmakers to step down. 

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