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3 bats removed from movie theater; Sports team at Betway offering dream job

3 bats removed from movie theater; Sports team at betway offering dream job

Amid the Super Bowl, an enticing dream job opportunity has emerged courtesy of the sports team at Betway.

With over 100 million viewers tuning in, the company is on the hunt for the perfect “Super Bowl Snack Tester.” Ten famous Super Bowl snacks, accompanied by two delectable dips, await the chosen candidate on game day.

The fortunate individual will be tasked with the enjoyable responsibility of reviewing each snack, considering factors such as overall taste, ease of consumption, and snackability.

The ultimate goal is to rank the snacks from best to worst, settling the perennial debate on the must-have feast items for fans during the game.

As a reward for this epicurean adventure, the lucky winner will receive a payment of $255 for the simple pleasure of savoring delicious foods and providing their honest feedback. Meanwhile, in Fort Pierce, Florida, the local movie theater has faced an unusual challenge.

The Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County issued a rabies advisory following a “bat-related” incident at the theater. The specifics of the encounter remain under investigation, with at least one bat confirmed to have been present in the theater.

While the health status of the employees who encountered the bats remains undisclosed, the Department of Health suggests that the bat may have entered through a small, unnoticed hole in the roof.

Fortunately, no reports of anyone being bitten have surfaced. In response to the situation, an ER doctor from HCA Florida Lawnwood Hospital emphasizes the importance of taking the rabies advisory seriously, urging the public to exercise caution in light of the ongoing investigation.