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A San Jose nonprofit helping former gang members; ‘Gran Turismo’ movie—Is this Anything?

Is this Anything? Non-profit tattoo removal; ‘Gran Turismo’

In today’s segment of “Is This Anything?” with our friends from WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel Show, we delve into two intriguing topics that have caught our attention.

First up, a nonprofit organization hailing from San Jose, California, is making waves with its mission to provide free and low-cost tattoo removals. The hosts discuss the significance of this initiative, particularly in aiding local and former gang members to shed their gang-related tattoos. This altruistic effort resonates with the team, as it aligns with the goal of supporting community members in their pursuit of a fresh start. Furthermore, the technology utilized by the startup group holds promise in removing other scars resulting from surgeries or injuries. The hosts humorously share their personal anecdotes, culminating in a lighthearted exchange about getting rid of various tattoos.

Next, the conversation shifts to the box office, where the movie “Gran Turismo” has raced its way to victory. The film, rooted in a true story, achieved a remarkable debut weekend, crossing the $17.3 million mark. Despite catching some of the hosts by surprise, the movie’s gripping narrative, based on a young gamer’s transition to real-life racing, has garnered critical acclaim. The team emphasizes the significance of this cinematic success and the genuine awe surrounding the inspiring journey depicted in the movie.

The discussion takes a delightful turn as the hosts touch upon National Cinema Day, recounting their experiences at the movies. They recount how their loved ones took full advantage of the special occasion. The hosts share amusing anecdotes about their family members indulging in a cinematic outing.