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Bicyclist riding across the country for breast cancer research

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH)– A Minnesota man is cycling 6,000 miles for a cause. Four years ago Al Reszel and his wife Terry started Pink Pedals 4 a Cure hoping to raise funds in the fight against breast cancer. The 61-year-old man is riding his bicycle from Malibu, California to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in Manhattan, New York.

As he rides through central Indiana, his finish line is waiting many states away and no matter what obstacles are in the way, this is a ride he’s motivated to complete. This year the ride celebrates Terry’s 10th year as a survivor of breast cancer. She gets emotional when thinking of how much life she could’ve missed if the cancer won.

“We have five grandkids now that I wouldn’t have known,” she said.

During four years of the ride, the couple has realized how many people are fighting all over the country.

“You know we talk to people every day and they’re the ones that keep us going because so many people are affected by breast cancer,” Al said. “Everybody knows a sister or a mom or grandma, daughter [or] friend.”

That’s why they say they couldn’t even let the COVID-19 pandemic stand in the way of this year’s ride. But the couple admits, after 52 days pedaling for a cure, Al hasn’t slowed down on his way to New York.

“I’m shocked and amazed,” Terry said.” Al says even though the ride has taken its toll on his body, he’s ready to finish his race.”

“I’m pretty sore but I got 13 more days left. We’re going to make that no matter what,” Al said.

Click here to follow Al and Terry’s ride and donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.