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Celebrating National Cappuccino Day and McRib sandwich making a comeback…IS THIS ANYTHING?

is this anything

The iconic McRib sandwich is making its much-awaited return to McDonald’s menus, but it’s only for a limited time!

This fan-favorite first appeared in the US back in 1981 in the Kansas City area and quickly gained popularity with its irresistible combination of seasoned boneless pork patty, BBQ sauce, slivered onions, and tart dill pickles, all on a homestyle bun.

The McRib’s limited availability has turned it into a seasonal sensation, causing excitement and social media buzz every time it returns to McDonald’s.

In other news, it’s National Cappuccino Day!

Celebrate this Italian coffee classic, which can now be customized in countless ways, including the popular pumpkin spice addition.

So, whether you’re savoring a McRib or sipping on a personalized cappuccino, there’s something delicious to look forward to! ☕🍔