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CEOs working to combat burn-out; ‘Harry & Meghan’ show to highlight cooking content

In the realm of corporate strategies, one-third of major U.S. companies contemplate adopting a shorter workweek regimen to address the escalating issue of burnout.

This insight stems from a recent survey conducted by KPMG, shedding light on the deliberations among CEOs regarding potential solutions to combat workplace fatigue.

The proposed schedules under consideration encompass either a compressed four-day workweek or a marginally extended four-and-a-half-day arrangement.

Such contemplations underscore the proactive stance taken by corporate leaders in navigating a labor market characterized by cutthroat competition for talent, where a substantial portion of employees grapple with feelings of overexertion and inadequate compensation.

Despite the allure of this novel approach, KPMG urges cautious optimism, emphasizing that the concept remains in the nascent stages of experimentation.

Across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom, however, early indications suggest promising outcomes, with a significant majority of companies that have embraced the four-day workweek opting to integrate it permanently into their operational framework.

More than half of these enterprises have already solidified the transition, marking a potential shift in the traditional work paradigm.

In other news, the entertainment landscape anticipates a fresh infusion of content from an unexpected source.

Following the success of their Netflix documentary, “Harry & Meghan,” the royal duo has embarked on a new venture, signing on as executive producers for two upcoming non-fiction series on the streaming platform.

Netflix has disclosed that these forthcoming shows will delve into lifestyle themes curated by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex herself, focusing on elements such as cooking, gardening, entertaining, and fostering friendships.

Complementing this offering is a series dedicated to the sport of polo, a passion of Prince Harry’s, promising viewers unparalleled access into the world of this prestigious equestrian pursuit.

As anticipation builds, Netflix plans to release the dates for these projects in the ensuing months, signaling an exciting chapter in the ongoing collaboration between the streaming giant and the couple.