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Disneyland’s ‘Fantasmic’ show interrupted by Fire; Maryland man wins lottery 3 times

Hammer and Nigel from WIBC have dedicated their show to discussing some interesting and entertaining stories that have caught their attention.

First on the list is a recent event that has shaken the theme park world: a massive fire at Disneyland Park.

During the park’s long-running nighttime show, “Fantasmic,” which features special effects, state-of-the-art projections, and pyrotechnics, a giant fire-breathing dragon caught fire on Saturday night. The show, which has been running for years, has always been a fan favorite, but the fire caught everyone by surprise.

Luckily, the Anaheim Fire and Rescue team responded quickly, and the fire was put out before it could cause any major damage.

All cast members and guests were evacuated from Tom Sawyer Island and areas around it due to smoke and wind. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries.

According to reports, authorities are currently investigating what could have caused the fire in the first place. Despite this unfortunate event, Hammer and Nigel hope that Disneyland will bounce back and continue to provide magical experiences for guests from all over the world.

On a lighter note, the two hosts also shared the story of a lucky man from Charles County, Maryland.

According to the Maryland Lottery, a 52-year-old anonymous player has won his third $50,000 prize in just 11 months, all from playing the “Pick Five” game.

What makes this story even more interesting is that the man played the exact same winning numbers each time: 4-8-5-4-8.

The man plans to use his latest winnings to take his wife on a vacation and has expressed his intentions to continue playing the lottery. Some might say he is a man of luck or a strategic genius, but either way, his story is a fun and lighthearted reminder that sometimes, good things happen when you least expect them.