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Earth Day: Exploring ocean photos with NASA PACE scientist

What does ocean color tell us about ocean health

Earth Day reminds us how important it is to take care of our planet. It’s a time to think about how beautiful Earth is and how we need to protect it. 🌍

Dr. Amir Ibrahim, PACE Ocean Scientist with NASA, joined us to talk about new images of the world’s oceans thanks to the PACE satellite!

Climate change, pollution, and destroying habitats are big problems we face.

Earth Day encourages people to do things like plant trees, clean up trash, and support laws that help the environment.

It’s a day when everyone can work together to make sure Earth stays healthy for the future.

But Earth Day isn’t just about one day.

It’s about changing how we live every day.

We need to use less stuff, make less trash, and use more clean energy.

Earth Day helps us remember that we all share this planet, so we all have to take care of it.

Let’s celebrate Earth Day by showing how much we love our planet and promising to protect it for the years to come.