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Free screening of Little Richard documentary sets stage for I Made Rock ‘N’ Roll festival

The making of “I Made Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Indianapolis is set to host a landmark event celebrating the roots and legacy of Rock ‘N’ Roll on Saturday, March 23, with a special film screening of “LITTLE RICHARD: I AM EVERYTHING.” This event marks the beginning of the I Made Rock ‘N’ Roll program, leading up to the inaugural Black rock festival scheduled for May 18 in the city.

The screening, taking place at 6281 N. College Ave., the former Crackers Space, delves into the life and influence of Little Richard, a key figure in the foundation of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Directed by Lisa Cortés, the documentary made its debut on Sundance’s opening night in 2023, exploring the Black queer origins of the genre. It challenges the traditional narratives surrounding American pop music, showcasing Richard Penniman’s role as a groundbreaking artist. The documentary features an extensive collection of archive footage and performances, offering insights into the complex personality of Little Richard.

Following the screening, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with Lisa Cortés, gaining further understanding of the documentary and the iconic musician’s impact on music and culture.

This event not only serves as a preview to the much-anticipated Black rock festival but also as a celebration of Little Richard’s monumental contributions to music. Admission is free with an RSVP, and festival ticket holders will receive exclusive I Made Rock ‘N’ Roll merchandise, including a t-shirt, guitar pick, and sticker.

The event is co-founded by Alan Bacon of GANGGANG and highlights the partnership between the Forty5 x GANGGANG campaign and the upcoming festival. Attendees are encouraged to secure their tickets to the I Made Rock ‘N’ Roll Festival, set to take place on May 18 at the American Legion Mall. Ticket prices will increase after April 1, so interested parties are advised to visit to purchase their tickets and support the celebration of Rock ‘N’ Roll’s rich and diverse history.