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Hammer and Nigel: Frank Ocean’s Coachella cancellation and Foo Fighters’ new album

Hammer and Nigel from WIBC recently discussed some major music news, including Frank Ocean’s decision to pull out of Coachella due to an injury to his leg, and the Foo Fighters’ announcement of a new album, the first since the death of long-time drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

Frank Ocean had been scheduled to perform at the Coachella Music Festival, but he has now canceled his planned performance for the festival’s second weekend. His representative stated that Ocean suffered two fractures and a sprain in his left leg on the festival grounds in the week leading up to the event’s first weekend. The news came after Ocean’s first headlining show for Coachella, which drew mixed reactions. Blink 182 will fill Ocean’s spot on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Foo Fighters announced their first album since the death of their long-time drummer, Taylor Hawkins. The album, called “But Here We Are,” is a testament to the healing powers of friends, family, and music, according to the band. Most of the album is set to release this summer, but the new single “Rescued” is out now as part of the announcement.

Unfortunately, a toxicology report showed that Hawkins had a list of drugs in his system when he died on tour about a year ago. Despite the tragedy, the Foo Fighters are pushing forward with their music and honoring their bandmate’s memory through their work.

Hammer and Nigel discussed these developments with passion and enthusiasm, showing their love for music and the industry. It’s clear that both Hammer and Nigel are true music lovers, and their discussions of these current events only cement their place as knowledgeable and passionate music commentators.