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Is This Anything?: Bee spill causes a buzz on traffic highway; Ford slashes Mustang price tag … again!

What the buzz?! A truck hauling thousands of bees crashed on an interstate in Florida spilling hives all over the highway. Thankfully, there weren’t any injuries reported, however all of the highway’s lanes had to be shut down to clean up the sticky situation.

Popular WIBC radio hosts, Hammer and Nigel offered some tips on what to do in the event of a bee encounter. “You’re supposed to run away, get as far away from the bee as you can,” the pair said sternly. “What you’re not supposed to do is dive into the water!” For their last piece of BEE-nificial advice, “If you’re traveling with a friend, you just need to outrun your friend, not the bee!”

As the segment continued, the dynamic duo enlightened us that in an effort to keep up with its competitor Tesla, Ford slashed the price tag for the Mustang Mach-E SUV down about six percent. The electric vehicle’s new sticker price now falls between the 43–60-thousand-dollar range. Ford has not yet announced the price for its other electric vehicles like the F-150 Lightning pickup. “I think this is a reflection of the direction that the economy is going in. Yes, this is something!” exclaimed the pair.

To learn more about these trending topics, watch the full interview above.