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Is This Anything: John Stamos had who fired from ‘Full House’?!, Equalizer Three coming soon!

How rude! It appears the cast of 90s sitcom, Full House, weren’t always as close as the family they portray on TV. John Stamos, who played the role of Uncle Jesse, recently revealed in an interview with the “Good Guys” podcast that he was so annoyed by the constant screaming and crying of the Olsen Twins while filming the pilot, that he demanded they be fired.

Hammer and Nigel, popular radio hosts of WIBC, enthusiastically agrees with John’s decision stating “nobody likes the Olsen Twins”. However, the replacements weren’t cutting it and the Olsen Twins were eventually brought back.

As the segment continued, Hammer and Nigel shared their thoughts on the popular and highly anticipated newest edition to the Equalizer franchise. McCall, played by Denzel Washington, tries to enjoy a peaceful retirement and a sense of community in Southern Italy and is threatened by local crime bosses, which forces him to take on the mafia to protect his friends. “The Equalizer 3” is set to premier September 1st.

Overall, Hammer & Nigel continued to share intriguing and interesting stories that appeal to the public. Their comedic atmosphere combined with their wit and strong opinions, never fail to captivate viewers.

To learn more about these trending topics, watch the full interview above.