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Kraft to release plant-based mac & cheese and Miller Lite debuts ‘Beercracker’

Miller Lite debuts Beercracker and Kraft releasing plant based mac & cheese

Miller Lite is offering the perfect holiday gift for beer enthusiasts this season – the “Beercracker” Nutcracker!

Resembling the traditional nutcracker we all adore, this unique creation is designed to crack open your favorite beers instead of nuts.

Featuring two convenient beer openers, one in its mouth and another in its removable hat, the Beercracker adds a touch of whimsy to your holiday festivities.

These special Beercrackers are available for purchase on Miller Lite’s website until December 1st, priced at just $30.

In other news, Kraft is embracing the plant-based trend with its latest creation – “Kraft Not Mac and Cheese.”

In collaboration with the plant-based food company Not-Co, Kraft has introduced a dairy-free mac and cheese alternative that uses fava bean protein and coconut oil powder to replicate the taste, appearance, and texture of the original product.

Available in both original and white cheddar with shells, this vegan mac and cheese is hitting store shelves nationwide, offering a delicious dairy-free option for mac and cheese lovers.