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Overdose Lifeline making a difference during ‘Stress Awareness Month’

April is Stress Awareness Month

In the spirit of Stress Awareness Month, Overdose Lifeline’s mission resonates deeply with the importance of addressing stress-related issues.

Founded by Justin Phillips in response to the tragic loss of her son, Aaron, to overdose, the organization has been a beacon of support for individuals, families, and communities grappling with addiction and mental health challenges.

By advocating for education and providing vital resources, Overdose Lifeline not only confronts the immediate consequences of substance use disorder but also acknowledges the underlying stressors that often contribute to its onset and perpetuation.

Justin Phillips’ journey lends a poignant perspective to the conversation around stress and its impact on mental health.

Through her advocacy work, she not only raises awareness about the interconnectedness of stress, addiction, and mental well-being but also offers practical strategies for coping and healing.

By aligning its efforts with Stress Awareness Month, Overdose Lifeline underscores the importance of addressing stress as a crucial component of promoting holistic health and resilience in individuals and communities alike.